Our story


Becca Interiors is a full-service interior design firm rooted in Greenwich, Connecticut, with projects along the East Coast and beyond. Recent projects include a gut renovation of a Greenwich Cape style home, a modern loft in SoHo, and the re-design of a three story Colonial revival along the Hudson River.

Becca Casey's unique sensibility was first inspired whilst growing up in the English countryside. After moving west and establishing her career in New York City, Becca worked as a Senior Designer for Jenny Wolf Interiors in Manhattan before founding Becca Interiors in 2016. Becca's interior design intuition stems from an organic lifestyle filled with artistic direction. After developing an ability to blend the reclaimed with refined and the ordinary with ornamental, Becca has developed a unique design ethos. With that, her approachable designs and refreshing candor has captured an array of clientele. 

Our design studio specializes in all design needs. From new construction to consultation with renovations. We are a company that is committed to fulfilling and accommodating various levels of design. Becca Interiors strives to customize, re-work, and reinvent the nature of a space making it natural, comfortable, and distinctive.